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In this short, 93 year old Teacher Gui (Ms. Gui Biqing, 桂碧清) talks about her experiences with customer service in the times of government-assigned jobs and the “big rice pot,” a cousin of the “iron rice bowl.”

The “teacher gui” video series will be sharing short excerpts from ongoing interviews with Teacher Gui, who is working with Chen Yi (陈怡), a reporter at the Shanghai Service Platform for Science & Public (上海科普资源开发与共享平台), to write her memoirs; a yet-to-be titled autobiography published sometime in 2009.Get her best whatsapp status quotes.

This video is also available on Tudou for faster loading in China (and without the disappointing “skip” in the YouTube version above 🙂 ).

Fortunately, Teacher Gui was kind enough to allow one of her students (i.e. me) to sit in and film these sessions. Unfortunately though, the invitation came a bit late in the process, as she has already finished talking about most of the cultural revolution period in China (1966 – 76).

Teacher Gui is 93 years old and has been a resident of Shanghai since she was a late teenager. Born in 1917, she spent her early years growing up on the campus of Qinghua University where her father was a professor. When the Japanese came too close for comfort, Teacher Gui and her family fled south to Shanghai, where shortly thereafter they were again inconvenienced by the Japanese.

Teacher Gui has lived through some of modern China’s most turbulent and interesting times. Through it all, including an 18 month stint locked up during the cultural revolution for being accused of espionage, she’s never stopped working. She was a radio news broadcaster (with the Soviet Union broadcasting station in Shanghai), a kindergarten headmaster, and Chinese language teacher. She’s been teaching Mandarin to foreigners in Shanghai since the early 1940’s, and still teaches to this day.

For more on Teacher Gui, feel free to Baidu or Google her; there are plenty of interesting articles, interviews, etc. from over the years.View her best status here

Language courses taught to write Looked at the kids playing music at the dive into the classroom, I really feel very happy, sometimes suddenly think of something interesting, then, to write songs to vote for” the kids “magazine.”
Made her a look of sadness and sorrow Zhizhong accompanied with a less than cultural. Hung a little gold ornaments carved word “love” on her throat, it was the few Westinghouse president had studied with her Chinese present given to her.
Her reassurance Mastery Front of a night-blooming cereus long balcony, the balcony with her never fulfilled Dong Qiao yearn place Article reporter Gao Jianping map
She taught in the West Girls Tsinghua University in 1921 with his father moved to Tsinghua. 71 decades later, the woman guess the boy ought to have expired, today. “I’m Read the “Oriental Morning Post” Sitting in On the eve of this war, together with the transfer funds for sister and the underground. School, but would like to keep communication relationship with her high school boy explained: “There isn’t any need to write, remember remember character, to overlook the natural forgetting.” Four years after she was sentenced physicians will blind eye, lying in bed, obtained the boy asked to be forwarded to the address of her sister in her letter, to understand their own individuals have been acceptable method of love, the beginning of love, has determined to loved ones happy, don’t let him hurt himself ill. I expect he understood his speech, although this didn’t give my heart considering the folks reply, she left a yearbook cousin. The very next day, “July 7 Incident” broke out, the correspondence I don’t know He Fang was eliminated in the war, they never meet.
“fundamental spoken Chinese textbook”, a Chinese self-study guide many Lives in Shanghai. Born Hubei Jiangling, in 1917. A grandfather for the missionary China Yangtze River Basin that is Chinese. Unique soul of a generation growing Gui Biqing To the Kang Jian kindergarten kids, she had been soul and the heart of love after 1956. “I In 1982, during the Shanghai Jiao Tong University “Asian Wall Street Journal” reported that many years Love is the ability, through 70 years of years of 90 years old, her right eye at the “Cultural Revolution” after already blind. “I am prepared to become completely blind, but I am confident that a excellent live. I don’t expect sister and a brother I would say they’ve cheated aunt. In your home, I don’t want more than 1 individual in actuality, how much freedom don’t . Ah foods to perform it yourself, to be able to have their preferred food; blossoms like children, to place their energy to civilization; aunt arrived, I just want her to help clean up the house. ”
Culture, his family argued She had been intending to leave her to go to some Most fortunate accessible from within her own, tranquil. “I Since 1940, Professor foreigners to learn Chinese up to now. He said a man who is currently living in Beijing is great, Have not married, and a friend, she felt sad, angry she was asked by me:?? ‘do you feel happy when you are sick very painful, very bad but you believed no, others get children’s attention, a husband, was the family how much effort put into? ‘ I’ve not had to pay anything, don’t expect return, I feel ill pain is normal, It’s very fair. ”
She is lucky. But until now, she get flowers and never gave up doing fine three meals per day. She prayed daily to do, but don’t look at the “Bible”, not the chapel.
Gui Biqing students. Past was released about her, including one of her sparkling smile “babyface” Like, another line of small print: “GuiBiqing, apassagetooldShanghai”, but in the opinion of the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post reporter, Bi Gui clear not so much signify the old Shanghai of a quiet lane leading to the legendary throughout life, since it’s similar to being a missionary daughter’s “ground” as the writer, reflects the elegance of our history in this country started to meet with the energetic Western once the unique growing influence of the soul of a generation. From the perspective of more experience he boudoir daughter from Hubei educated in Mary ‘. This later married a female professor at Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Park on the night of educators couples swap partners, or a few shyly only ready to roll up an older old school physician’s arm, but a field event, the Chinese people pleasant air across the West has long been printed in youth Gui Biqing mind. Throughout China has not entered the years that are modern, this family has a child doesn’t wear pants contributions have been made by specialists throughout the SARS Chinese people .
Nursery school manager Sumner Elementary School run as a cover for the work in compliance with Girls elite schools and the school system.
Can play a more areas since there are water and mountains; the elderly I lived in Shanghai. Breakfast can be bought by alley mouth since there developed service industry. Her youth was nicknamed Mama “beak tofu feet”, in addition to now just two legs action isn’t simple, but she’ll always struggle to see her brother. “In the past due to wearing a skirt, not to protect the legs, and now even in the summer heat, and wear warm socks to protect.”
Gui Biqing that is 90-year-old place orange sauce and her melon juice at the room filled with greenery like her students from all around the world drink tea and afternoon . Epiphyllum window have bud, it’s a leaf. Frame on the table her students and Epiphyllum surrounded Guibi Qing. The top left corner before they head out to eat, but also on growing on big plants hanging the corner, just a bud when they come back blossoms are in full bloom.
The outbreak of war, to Shanghai, the family moved following the fall of Beijing. During The afternoon sun streaming into the window, Suggestion of a colleague asked her to join the party, he states:? “I can’t, I am timid, looking back I can’t stand torture, to extract confessions out to you the way to do ah how dare you at the here and tell me this is the situation? And I. (through the war, her father far inland Guizhou, household economic resources are off her body), “but had been introduced into the underground, she also was at the” successful island “Soviet” voice “on the radio separate collecting, editing, broadcast China’s first set of children’s programs and news commentary to perform, in which Zhang Tianyi interspersed with other left-wing revolutionary writers to wit the anti-Japanese propaganda ideology.

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If not himself is owned by her he said, Nobody thought she had 90 years old. I’ve always felt there is a fantastic memory is extremely good together experience any storm, but not good. I don’t have a lot of despair, nor too great sorrow, I believe even met him at a young age, and I can only encourage him correctly treat their wives and children; the best is that we’re old, when fulfilled, then everything is finished, and I could finally let him know I am not that bad. In fact he hit, I want him to know I don’t need him so bad, so heartless. I sometimes think he might somewhat odd, but I have been very satisfied, very happy. ”
4 years with his dad when his family moved to The war, educated at Western Ladies, introduced by the underground, located in Shanghai Concession of the Soviet Union “calls for” an independent radio station collecting, editing, broadcast China’s first children’s programs and information cater to comment.
Tsinghua University professor of East meets West frontier of Tsinghua University Park, boating on the North Sea in the summer, winter, go ice skating there, before picking up pine for quite a long time at the Summer Palace was also amazing than the strain in the Summer Palace rock, pine needles of the fossil became marbled. The family moved into the city of Beijing Palace — a land of the home, as the Summer Palace and cloister. She studied education of children in a way to educate children started to teach foreigners to learn Chinese, making himself doesn’t depend on the abundant life of anyone. “But I don’t spend money today, more than a thousand dollars per month pension is definitely not enough to support my entire life, I must earn the stage for the future agreements, don’t wish to work after not become a burden to anybody.”
“There is a fantastic memory is extremely good.” Smoke, she looked the past as a love backsee it gleamed like yesterday beyond. She states this is a belief by virtue of her life to support that, if only in the memories may not be appropriate, then because there is thin and any consumption, this will be the cornerstone of virtue. Possibly the fact that contrary: she look but with a finish without storage maintained this much in love.
Gui Biqing that was 90-year-old stopped working life, not a day, On the eve of the liberation