Dexter auctions at prop store

Highlights in the trailer gallery comprise Debra Morgan’s police uniform Rita Bennett gown, and Dexter Morgan shirt. According to the site, things from all eight seasons of the series will be available, along with the catalog will be posted on the the day of the purchase. Under license by CBS Consumer Products, you will find close to 150 lots which will be available in the market, which is now live at Bidding on all lots will be available through Friday, December 2nd. All bidding takes a lot and place on the internet can be sent anywhere in the world.
To preview all the auction items click here. (For the squeamish: Do not worry; there is no true blood involved.) All lots are being sold allowing the bid rates to be determined by the fans. Aired on Showtime. In case you were a fan Dexter, of Showtime ‘s epic, you will know that the series saw its share of name actors. You have likely heard of Shepard Fairey by now. The road artist’s work is now a prized (and pricey) fixture on the worldwide auction scene. The artist signs this poster Fairey made for the Showtime series, and should garner some dollar signs prior to the completion of the auction.
What better way to honor the enduring legacy of the show than using a auction?
Prop Store have now launched another official online auction, now for Showtime’s Dexter. This one includes production material and wardrobe, props, scripts from all eight seasons of the cable show.
Miami Metro ID Card and Dexter Morgan’s kill area costume are set to go under the hammer at the Dexter Prop and Costume Auction. One of the world’s top movie and TV memorabilia businesses, prop Store, will create an auction occasion of scripts, costumes, props and memorabilia used in the making of this SHOWTIME show that is hit. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer that kills killers that are other without giving too much of the plot of the show off. Plastic sheeting to catch of the blood, of course. (On this particular prop, you can still find the remains of a specially spatter-heavy kill.)
Despite what many commenters thought of as an series finale, the show continues to gain fans. In October, a Dexter marathon aired to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the show. Debra, or his sister?
This outfit–the olive-green shirt (you can view it only peeking out on the mannequin), lime-green coveralls, and black stripes and boots–came to signify Dexter’s dark side (or what he called his “black passenger”). They understood that it slashed time when audiences saw him don the garb. (It also became a favorite Halloween costume after the first couple of seasons.) This is a must-have for any genuine Dexter superfan.
Have a look at a few of the pieces below.

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