Today Dexter Auction has launched a second blog to keep track of the third-party news items we run across as we consume all the information we can find on land use, transportation, our water supply, community design issues, and local elections.

Cville Tomorrow News

Instead of maintaining the brief article summaries (from Daily Progress, TV, Radio, C-Ville, Hook) on our website, we will now provide them as individual blog postings. One advantage of this new approach is that you can get an RSS feed of these important news items related to growth and development issues. If you are not familiar yet with RSS feeds and how they can help you digest all these blog postings in a timely fashion, Waldo Jaquith has an excellent primer here [Thanks to Waldo I have become addicted to my free Bloglines web page which is where I monitor the twenty-five blogs important to my blogosphere].

Dexter Auction will continue to publish OUR exclusive meeting summaries, event reports, podcasts, and election information on our primary blog.

Dexter Auction Weblog

Bottom line…

Brian Wheeler

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