Two Charlottesville elementary schools could have new names by the end of this week.

But only if the School Board can agree.

On Thursday, the Charlottesville School Board will vote on renaming Venable and Clark elementary schools.

The board’s options are limited. For Venable, it will vote exclusively on whether or not to change the school’s name to Trailblazers Elementary School. For Clark, the board will have a choice to name the school either Friendship or Summit Elementary School — or to reject both names.

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The board will not consider any other names at the meeting. If it does not accept the new names, both schools' names will remain unchanged, said Beth Baptist, chair of the School Naming Committee.

There’s still time for community members to weigh in. The board is specifically interested in feedback on whether residents prefer Friendship or Summit as a replacement for Clark.

For more on how the district reached this point, read our previous coverage here.

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