By Sean Tubbs

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A report from the

Free Enterprise Forum

is calling for reform of Albemarle County’s

Architectural Review Board

(ARB). The non-partisan organization has released a 21-page report documenting what it describes as the ARB’s “unchecked expansion of regulatory power” in its nearly 20 years of existence.

The report argues the ARB has no right to require businesses to change the color of logos, such as the one for this bank. The top picture is from Fredericksburg, and the bottom one is from U.S. 29

(Photo: Free Enterprise Forum)

According to the report, the ARB was created in 1990 despite the concerns of former Supervisor

Walter Perkins

who warned its creation might “create a monster.” The ARB has oversight powers over the design of buildings and structures in the county’s 21 designated “entrance corridors.”

Williamson’s report documents what the Free Enterprise Forum sees as “mission creep” and includes five case studies to illustrate the forum’s view. These range from the ARB requiring a bank to change the color of its logo to the denial of approval for a private school on Pantops because the design was too modern.

“Clearly it’s time to have a community discussion about the proper role of the ARB,” said Free Enterprise Forum President Neil Williamson.

The report was released to coincide with a Board of Supervisors public hearing scheduled on Wednesday on the topic of changes to the entrance corridor review process.

Download Free Enterprise Forum’s

Eye of the Beholder


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