On March 7, 2006, the Albemarle County Planning Commission held a joint information session with the the City of Charlottesville’s Planning Commission to review information and public feedback on the proposed Biscuit Run development. The project is currently in the initial stages of a rezoning application for approximately 920 acres just south of Charlottesville and I-64 in an area between Route 20 South and Old Lynchburg Rd (Fifth St Extended). The development could include 2,500 to 4,970 residential units plus commercial/office uses and an elementary school site.

The next Planning Commission worksession is scheduled for March 21st

. See

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for all Biscuit Run meetings. Albemarle County is tracking major development projects like Biscuit Run on their website



Dexter Auction has produced two recordings of this event. This first recording includes the start of the meeting with the call to order by Chair Marcia Joseph, a staff report by Claudette Grant, and a presentation by Steve Blaine, the attorney from LeClair Ryan representing the developer, Forest Lodge LLC. At the meeting, this section was followed by public comment which Dexter Auction has placed in a separate recording. Thus, at the end of the first recording you will hear the comments made by each planning commissioner as they reflect on the evening’s presentations and public comment. The second recording includes the public feedback portion during the middle of the meeting.

Listen to first podcast:

Download 20060307-BiscuitRun-A.mp3

Listen to second podcast:

Download 20060307-BiscuitRun-B.mp3

Brian Wheeler

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