This fall, Building Goodness Foundation celebrated one year of serving local nonprofits, small businesses, and low-income homeowners through C’ville Builds. This fund supports construction projects that promote the local economy, racial equity, and access to essential services.

Born out of the need to help local residents in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the C’ville Builds program served an estimated 8,000 residents in its first year. C’ville Builds projects help build prosperity and create opportunities for members of the Charlottesville community. We know that when local small business owners, homeowners, and nonprofit organizations have the buildings and homes they need, our entire community thrives. This is one of our core values: serving and building communities that are healthy, viable, and interconnected.

Because our partners and volunteers donate much of their time, we’re able to complete projects at half the market rate. In the first year, BGF spent only $136,186 on 22 projects. We partnered with 38 local construction companies and 110 volunteers to make this happen.

Below is a list of the 22 organizations, projects, and community members that we partnered with during the first year of C’ville Builds:

12 Nonprofit Organizations

  • On Our Own
  • Cultivate Charlottesville
  • Burley Varsity Club
  • All Blessings Flow
  • Botanical Gardens of the Piedmont
  • Adult Community Education Center
  • Scottsville VFW
  • A Playground for Walker
  • Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center
  • Community Bikes
  • Lafayette School
  • GSA-BSA Orange

4 Low-Income Homeowners

  • Esmont Home
  • Paton Street Home
  • Belmont Home
  • 10th and Page Home

6 Small Businesses

  • Pearl Island (2)
  • Culinary Concepts AB
  • From Me2U
  • Twice is Nice
  • Hisami’s