Police say Charlottesville City Schools locked down three schools Tuesday because a man threatened violence toward a single student at Buford Middle School.

Charlottesville Police Department are on the lookout for that man, who they say is Dionte Ruffin, a 22-year-old Albemarle County resident. Ruffin is wanted on an unrelated warrant, and had not been apprehended Wednesday afternoon.

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Police said there is a connection between Ruffin and the mother of the Buford student. Officials also locked down Greenbrier Elementary and Charlottesville High School as the mother had students at both schools.

“The Charlottesville Police Department has taken steps to ensure the safety of the family to whom the threats were directed,” the department said in a news release.

During Tuesday's lockdown, police said only that someone — later identified as Ruffin — was discovered trespassing on the Buford campus.

There have been no threats made toward the schools in general, the police said.
If anyone has information on where Dionte Ruffin may be, police are encouraging people to call them at 434-970-3280 or Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000.

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