City of Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA The Mildred W. Spicer Arts Fund, a Charlottesville-based initiative designed to enhance artistic discovery and creativity, is seeking applications for an award to celebrate inclusive art opportunities within the community. The award will recognize an artist with a disability or an individual/organization promoting art opportunities within the Charlottesville-Albemarle area.

“The Mildred W. Spicer Arts Fund was created in May 2013 in honor of Mildred’s retirement from Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department after 33 years as Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor,” said Sarah Blech, Therapeutic Recreation Manager for the City of Charlottesville. “The major goals of the fund are to provide an annual recognition art award in addition to an individual art training scholarship program for individuals who have a disability or who work with individuals with disabilities.”

Eligibility: Anyone who has made a difference in their life and others through art can be nominated for the award.

Submission Process: For nomination form and eligibility guidelines, contact Sarah Blech, 434-970-3264, [email protected], Charlottesville Parks & Recreation Department, PO Box 911, Charlottesville, Va. 22902.
Deadline: July 29, 2016
Award Celebration: Date of Award Ceremony tentatively set for Oct. 6, 2016.
Previous winners of the Mildred W. Spicer Award include Renee Blue O’Connell,Constance Wyant, and the Alzheimer’s Association Arts Fusion.
About the Mildred W. Spicer Arts Fund
The Mildred W. Spicer Arts Fund promotes art for people with disabilities. The fund provides individual scholarships to take classes and workshops related to the arts and to further develop individual art skills and expression. Any resident of the City of Charlottesville or Albemarle County-with or without a disability-interested in promoting inclusive art opportunities for all people may apply for the fund.
The fund also allows for an annual recognition award to an individual with a disability, without a disability and or to an organization who promotes inclusive art opportunities within our community.