On Sunday, Dexter Auction neighborhoods reporter Erin O'Hare will join the In My Humble Opinion talk show on 101.3 JAMZ to kick off a series of conversations focused on the Fifeville neighborhood.

The neighborhood has experienced some rapid changes in recent years, changes that have made it difficult — and in some cases impossible — for longtime residents to stay there. How can a neighborhood ensure the power of residents' voices for the future, and how can the city support current residents while managing change and growth?

Erin will talk with IMHO hosts about her recent reporting on Fifeville. One is the latest installment of the Changing Charlottesville series, which analyzes census data that puts numbers to some of the trends Fifeville residents have been noticing for a while.

Another is an in-depth story about a special type of agreement that Woodard Properties and Piedmont Housing Alliance, the developers of the 501 Cherry Avenue project, have with the Fifeville Neighborhood Association. She'll explain what the agreement is, why it's rare, and what it could mean — not just for Fifeville, but for future development throughout the city.

YouTube video

Future In My Humble Opinion segments will feature some of the people Erin talked to for these reports, including neighborhood and city leaders, developers and residents.

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