Denny King has submitted his paperwork to become an official candidate for the Scottsville District seat on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors in the November 2007 general election. A formal announcement is expected later this month. Mr. King has not yet decided whether he will seek the nomination of a political party or run as an independent. If he seeks the Democratic nomination he would face a nomination contest with incumbent Lindsay Dorrier (D-Scottsville) who has already announced he wants to seek another four-year term. Republicans and Democrats can hold a caucus or a primary to select their nominees. A caucus could be held between May 11th and June 12th. Independent candidates need 125 petition signatures by June 12th to secure a place on the ballot.

Denny King was a candidate for the Scottsville seat on the Albemarle County School Board in November 2003. He ran that race with the endorsement of the Albemarle County Republican Party and was defeated by Steve Koleszar. Mr. King was profiled by The Hook in October 2004.

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Brian Wheeler

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