Pat Cuomo, Assistant Principal, Jackson-Via Elementary
Pat Cuomo, Assistant Principal, Jackson-Via Elementary
What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming an administrator?
When I became an administrator, I quickly realized that my decisions and actions impacted a large group of stakeholders. I make every effort to ensure that each decision I make is seen through the eyes of the different groups I interact with on a regular basis.
In what new ways do you support student learning?
Prior to becoming an administrator, I was an elementary school teacher and also spent a few years supporting instructional technology in the classroom. I enjoy bringing 21st century technology and classroom applications to the teachers, staff, and students at school.
What are you doing to engage the community at your school?
Jackson-Via has a supportive community with a committed Parent Teacher Organization. We plan community events such as parent/teacher conferences at a local church, host community events such as Rocktoberfest, and also encourage local businesses and organizations to get involved at our school.
How will you respect your school’s history and culture while making the decisions necessary to educate young people for their future?
Jackson-Via Elementary School has a rich history. Each year, we honor that history at our end of year ceremony by giving out the Betty Davis Via Award and the Nannie Cox Jackson Award. Both awards are presented to outstanding fourth grade students. As we look to the future of our school, we remember our beginnings and hold true to our motto: We do whatever it takes!

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