Earlier this week the

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

recognized Jessica Kitchin of the Daily Progress for her reporting on local growth and development issues.

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has also greatly appreciated Ms. Kitchin’s work over the past year.

It is a small group of folks that attend all these local government meetings and ensure that our government process is transparent and open to the public. Some are reporters like Ms. Kitchin, others represent non-profit groups, others are concerned citizens that volunteer their time to keep themselves and others informed.

Jessica Kitchin has been a key contributor to that effort. She leaves behind an impressive archive of stories that have each made a contribution to the community’s understanding of the many important issues related to land use and transportation.

Brian Wheeler

County of Albemarle

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to

Jessica Kitchin

It is with great appreciation and some dismay that we on the Board of Supervisors and county staff bid farewell to Jessica Kitchin with the Daily Progress. Jess is in her last few days as the Albemarle County reporter for The Daily Progress, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize her and thank her for her outstanding effort on behalf of the citizens of our area in bringing important news and issues to their attention.

It is not always the case that government officials are sad to say good-bye to reporters who have covered their beat, but we have been very fortunate to enjoy a trusting and mutually respectful relationship with Jess during her tenure with The Progress. She has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into getting complex issues accurately portrayed in a way that readers can connect with. Her stories have been fair and balanced, and reflective of a variety of perspectives which is really the very best that we hope for from our media representatives. She has covered a wide range of issues including many that have been a very diverse range of community perspectives, which speaks highly of her professionalism and interpersonal skills.

We wish you the very best of luck as you move to New Jersey and pursue your next professional opportunity, and thank you very sincerely for your fair and accurate treatment and the warm and personable approach you have taken in your job.

Signed and sealed this 3rd day of August, 2006.


Dennis S. Rooker, Chairman

Albemarle Board of County Supervisors

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