Albemarle County Supervisor

Sally Thomas

(Samuel Miller) joined Jane Foy and Rick Daniels this morning on WINA’s Charlottesville Live as part of the program’s Government Day. With the third and final public hearing on the County’s budget scheduled for tomorrow night, Thomas answers questions about what citizens can expect, and how they can participate. So far, her e-mail inbox has been full. In particular, Thomas says the Board has been responsive to people who want the growth of the County Budget to not out-pace the cost of living and population growth.

“Our proposed budget… with the 71 cents [rate increase]… is a 3.2% increase in last year’s budget,” Thomas said, adding that the budget is “very modest” and does not provide funding for a lot of new initiatives.

“There are lots of ideas always in this community and people would like to see us doing more things in the schools, more projects for the environment, for the rural areas. There are just many things that we’ve talked about over the last year or more that are not going to be in this budget because we’re aware that people’s incomes are not going up this year very much.”

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