The short answer is, you do.

Dexter Auction brings news and information to central Virginia, centering its work on building a healthy local news ecosystem that empowers more of us. Our funders, from large foundation supporter to small monthly gifts and everything in between, collectively bring you reporting and programming that helps keep the diverse communities of this region informed. Our donors understand how important it is to have an independent press, and support our editorial independence policy.

Below is a list of individual donors and grantmakers who supported Dexter Auction in 2021-2022. Without these generous supporters, Dexter Auction would not provide in-depth journalism that serves our neighbors by connecting them to each other and to the issues that affect them most.

Dexter Auction is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Donors and sponsors can deduct contributions they make to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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10000 +
The Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band
Batten Family Fund
Kakie Brooks and George Beller
Farkas Family Foundation
The Ford Foundation
Fund for Nonprofit News at The Miami Foundation (NewsMatch)
The Genan Foundation
The Hartfield Foundation
The Hilltop Foundation
The James S and John L Knight Foundation
John Wilson Morris
Michael Bills
The Morris Family Foundation
Peyton and William Lewis
The Rimora Foundation
Smyth Foundation Fund
Ted Weschler
Anonymous (1)

4000 +
Adrienne Dent
The Ballyshannon Fund
Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Janet and Eben Morrow
The Listening Post Collective
The Neall Family Charitable Foundation
Reid Nagle
Risa Goluboff and Richard Schragger
Solutions Journalism Network, Inc
Ting / Blue Ridge Internetworks
The UVA Equity Center
VMDO Architects
Anonymous (2)

1000 +
Amy Gardner and Jeff Cornejo
Barbara Fried
Bobbie and Tom Platts-Mills
Catherine and Raphael Strumlauf
Cathy and Kirk Train
David Newman
Donna and Richard Tadler
Edith and Henry McHenry, Jr.
Florence and Toby Berger
Heiner Family Fund
Helen Dragas
Jacqueline Salmon and Tim Wendel
James Atkinson
Janemarie and Don King
Jefferson Area Board for Aging
Jennifer S. Gaden
Jerome Handler
Judi Frost
Kat and Jeep Imhoff
Katherine and Wyck A. Knox
Ludwig Kuttner
Lynn and Baron Rainville
Maria and Paul Henderson
Mary and Mike Chinn
Mary Scott and John Birdsall
Nathalie and James Andrews Foundation
Ruffin Family Fund
Susan and L.F. Payne
Terry E. Grant
The Janet Stone Jones Foundation
United Way of Greater Charlottesville
Wendy Zomparelli
Anonymous (4)

500 +
Ann Harrod
Anne and Mark Logan
Anne and Thad Jones
B. Thomas Mansbach
Barbara and Jay Kessler
Barbara Body
Ben Frye
Candice and Aaron Hark
Carol and Blake Hurt
Carol and Jack Weber
Caroline Morris
Carolyn Achenbach
Charlotte Shelton
Cordelia and James Gelly
Dana and Peter Harris Charitable Giving Fund
David Treccariche
Elizabeth and Bert Page
Elliott Robinson and Renee Walker-Robinson
Elsie and Mac Thompson
Heather and Jon Hill
Institute for Nonprofit News
Jack Brown
Karen and Mike Ball
Kim Wilkens and Thomas Herrick
Meredith and Brad Gunter
Myra Kaye Cooper
Nan and Dan Brody
Pumpkin Seed Fund
Quantitative Investment Management
Rusty and Sam Hellman
Shannon and Mike Deegan
Stillfield Fund I
The Arcidicono Family Fund
The Caplin Foundation
The Chasen Family Fund
Thomas Guterbock
Todd Stansbury and Patti Cary
Virginia and Stephen Gardner
Warren Family Charitable Trust
Wendy Ferguson
William G. Wardle
William Jobes
Woodard Properties
Anonymous (4)

< 500
Aaron and Kathleen Olowin
Aaron Olowin
Abigail Turner and David Watson
Abigail Wiebe
Akanksha and Jacob Meyer
Alan Zimmerman
Aleen Carey
Alex Ikefuna
Alice and Donald Gross
Alice M. Justice
Alice P. Cannon
Alice Tor
Allie and Duncan Hill
Allison and Bruce MacDonald
Allison Ewing
Alyssa Bangerter
Amanda Kepley
Amazon (Amazon Smiles Program)
Amel Gorani
Amie and David van Roijen
Amy Nunnally
Amy Nupen
Amy O'Leary
Andrea M Zimmerman
Andrew E. Todd
Andrew Losowsky
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Ramsammy
Andy and Charity Pennock
Angela Adair Ciolfi
Angilee Shah
Anita Showers
Ann and Dennis Rooker
Ann and Peter Taylor
Ann Mercer
Ann Mills
Ann Tucker
Anna Ellis
Anna Maria Park
Anna Scholl and Stephen Davis
Anna Towns and David Ackerman
Anne and Bud Meyer
Anne and Steve Runkle
Anne and Tony Vanderwarker
Anne Geraty
Anne Madonna Hittler Hunter
Anne McKeithen and Erik Midelfort
Anne O'Brien
Anne Ryan
Anne Wallace
Annette Burton
Annette Osso
Anthony Townsend
Antwon Brinson
Arthur Watson, Jr.
Ashby and Mark Kindler
Astrid Henriksen
Aubrey Sipe Phillips
Audrey Dannenberg
Aurora Nichols
Barbara Franko
Barbara Gehrung and Cass Kawecki
Barry Chlebnikow
Barry R. Sisson
Becky and Henry Wilbur
Ben Life
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bernice Anne Marcopulos
Beth and Nick Kuhn
Beth Branner Gore
Betsy and Jay Dalgliesh Charitable Fund
Betsy and Jay Swett
Betsy and Jody Lahendro
Betsy Woodard
Betty Phelan
Betty Scott
Beverley Jacobs
Beverly Harner
Beverly S. Kirsch
Bevin and Vito Cetta
Bic Kolcum
Bijal Patel
Bill and Kate Hamilton
Bill Goldeen
Bill Sublette
Bitsy Waters
Blakeley T. Greenhalgh
Bob Mosolgo
Bob Sullivan
Bobbi Dunn
Bobbie and Tom Platts-Mills
Bobbye Cohen
Bocock/Hitz Fund
Bradford G Hays
Brian Keena
Brian Lambert
Brian Menard
Brian Sosdian
Bridget and Dave Groff
Burkhard Spiekermann
C. Roxanne Chandler
Cale and Katie Jaffe
Cali Gaston
Cammie and Mike Waite
Candace and Everett Crosby
Carl Trindle
Carla Falkenstein
Carmelita Wood
Carol and Blake Hurt
Carol and Jon Nafziger
Carol Clarke
Carol Gardner
Caroline and Stephen McLean
Caroline Hallowell
Caroline Melton
Carolyn Allen
Carolyn and David Beach
Carolyn Brooks
Carolyn Engelhard
Carolyn Holmes
Cate Whittington
Catherine and Stephen von Storch
Catherine and Tyler Brown
Catherine Goodrum
Catherine Kane
Catherine Ruth
Catherine Wallace
Catherine Winder
Cathy and Stots Reele
Cathy Eberly
Cecilia McGurk
Celeste Smucker
Chad Freckmann
Chad S. Dodson
Charles Mound
Charlotte Robertson
Cheryl L. Gregory

Chris Hapgood
Chris Meyer
Christina Hendricks
Christopher Ali
Christopher Gerner
Christopher S. Hays
Christopher Stroupe
Cindy Moore
C.J. FitzHenry
Claire Gargalli
Claire Lane
Clara Eden
Claudia Scholz
Claudine Ebeid McElwain
Colleen Carew and Joseph Abbate
Connor Crook
Constance Johnson
Courtney Lewis
Cri and Jack Marshall
Cristine Nardi
Cyndy and David Chapman
Cynthia Fisher
Cynthia Neff
Dan Hennicke
Dana Denbar
Daniel C. Lassiter
Daniel Stromberg
Daniel T. Devereux
Daphne Spain
Daphne Spain
David Cathcart
David Glover
David Hartley
David Kestner
David L. Phillips
David Lewis
David Michael Durovy
David R. Brower
David Sedgwick
David Stackhouse
David White
Davis Salisbury
Davis Salisbury
DeAnna Andrews
Deborah A. Bremer
Deborah and Derek Brown
Deborah Corber
Deborah H. Godden
Deborah Jackson
Deborah White
Debra Weiss
Dee and Duff Brown
Dennis Houle
Dennis Odinov
Denny King
Devin A. Reaves
Diana Dale
Diane Allen
Diane and Darren Crossett
Diane and Hank Bisgaier
Diane and Richard Brownlee
Don Hess
Dona Wylie
Donald Stevenson
Donna Frye
Donna O'Rourke
Donna Stewart
Donna Vandepol
Dora Conway
Dorothy and Kelly Carney
Dorothy Walton
Doug Eddy
Douglas Brown
DPrecious Giving Fund
Ed Brownfield
Edward H. Bain, Jr.
Edwina St. Rose
Eileen Stephens
Elaine Cecelski
Elaine Hadden
Elaine Page
Eleanor Baldwin
Eliot Singer
Elisabeth Rollins Aaron
Elizabeth and Bert Page
Elizabeth Bernatowicz
Elizabeth Breeden
Elizabeth Burdash
Elizabeth Courain and David Lee
Elizabeth Crotty
Elizabeth D. Yancey
Elizabeth Fawkes
Elizabeth Ike
Elizabeth Lowe
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Towle
Ellen and Bob Beard
Ellen and Jeffrey Martin
Ellen Diana Blackmon
Ellen Kanzinger
Emily Schorpp
Enid McCoy-Krieger
Erica B. Johnson
Erika Viccellio
Ernesto Aguilar
Eve Solomon
Evie Safran
Faith Andrews Bedford
Frances Lee-Vandell
Frances R. Taylor
Francesca Fornari
Frank Stoner
Franz Canon
Frederick G. Hudson
Frederick Knabe
Frederick Nolde
G. Compton
Gail Leftwich Kitch
Gail McIntosh
Gary Berry
Gary Funston
Georgia Garrett
Gerald Fisher
Gerard Deily
Gerry Kruger
Giant Community Bag Program
Ginny and Vaden Shields
Glenda Kohlhafer Regan
Gordon Sutton
Grant Tate
Great Eastern Management
Gregg Korbon
Gregg Winston
Grier and Kevin Murphy
Hall Family Giving Fund
Harry and Sue Frazier
Heather Higgins
Heather Rowland
Heather W. Peck
Heather Wilson Peck
Helen Ida Moyer
Helen Wilson
Helene Downs
Hillary Horn
Holly Hatcher
Holly Neavear
Horea Popa
Howard Evergreen
Howard Horowitz
Howard Wooden
Ian Baxter
Ian Kimbrough
Inara Liepa
Irby Cauthen
J. C. Smith
J.H. Verkerke
Jack Stoner
Jackie and Hal Rodriguez
Jacqueline Erskine
Jacqueline Lichtman
Jacqueline Webber
Jacquie and John Pickering
Jaime Henna
Jalane Schmidt
James Atkinson
James Burnett
James Gillespie
James Sweet
Jami Montambault
Jan Dix
Jane Benson
Jane Colony Mills
Jane Fetter
Jane Nowacek
Jane Paxton
Janet Stack
Janet Yance
Janice Mills
Janis Chevalier
Janis Paushter
Jason Bennett
Jean Bryant
Jean Knorr
Jean Lightner and Blaine Norum
Jeanette Crocker
Jeanette Rosenberg
Jeanine Braithwaite
Jeanne Campbell
Jeanne Maushammer
Jeanne Pfaff
Jeanne Siler
Jeff L. Snyder
Jeffrey B. Sties
Jen and Dan Seideman
Jenn Dungan
Jennifer and Gary Jessup
Jennifer Andrea Huck
Jennifer Bisgaier
Jennifer Sharp
Jenny Cox
Jerome Handler
Jesse G. Luckett
Jim Chang
J.L. Mulligan
JLRS Family Fund
Joan Chapman
Joan Fenton
Joan I. Barnett
Joan Jay
JoAnn Robinson
Jody R. Mahoney
John and Amy Wharton
John and Nanci Taylor
John Blackburn
John Freeman
John Lindner
John McLaren
John Michael Evans
John Nedrud
John S. Robertson
John Schroll
John Surr
John W. Chapman
John Wills Lloyd
Johnson & Johnson
Jonathan Kropko
Jonathan Paulette
Jonathon Kealing
Joseph Bernheim
Joseph Lawson
Joshua Cordonnier
Joyce and Michael Holt
Judy and Jerry Mandell
Judy Dunscomb
Judy Harmon
Judy McLeod
Judy Rasmussen
Judyann Kittel
Julia and James Weissman
Julia Williams
Julie Buchanan
Julie Lacy
Karen A. Young
Karen Hayden
Karen Klick
Karen Michie
Karen P. Katz
Karen S. Johnson
Karen Sherwood
Karen Van Lengen
Karen Walker
Karin Little Jones
Karla Lesher
Kate and Jeff Bird
Kate Buford
Katharine and Greg Kastner
Katharine Maus
Katherine Beard
Katherine Grove
Katherine McNamara
Katherine Towson
Kathleen Quelland
Kathryn Bertoni
Kathryn Kim
Kathy and Larry Banner
Kathy and Lee Freudberg
Katy Ambrose and Carsten Clark
Katya Spicuzza
Kelly Ceppa
Kelly Garrett
Kelly Gobble and Mark Lindsay
Kelly Lindauer
Kelly Wroblewski
Ken Kipps
Kendra and Chris Guiffre
Kenneth Hand
Kerin Yates
Kim Peel
Kim Smith
Kim Taylor
Kimberly Grover
Kirby Hutto
Kirsten Sanok
Krista and Patrick Farrell
Krista Pedersen
Kristen and Bill Suokko
Kristen Hallam
Kristine Vey

Larry Bleiberg
Latifa Kropf
Laura and Hasty Horn
Laura Anderson
Laura Galgano
Laura Marshall
Laura Peet
Laura Steenburgh
Leah Peeks
Leila and William Shenkir
Leonard Mailloux
Lesleigh Willie
Lettie Bien
Lew Holloway
Lewellyn and Daniel Jordan
Lewis Johnson
Lia Norton
Libby and H Rothenberg
Linda L. Hanson
Lisa and Bruce Glassco
Lisa Goff and Stephen Arata
Lisa Maruca
Little-Barzun Charitable Fund
Liza Scallet
Lola Weir
Louisa Bradford
Louisa C. Barrett
Louisa Heyward
Louise Largiader
Lucy Ann Dowell-Wiltshire
Lucy Aslett
Lucy Bassett and Alex Taurel
Lynda and Ronald Tweel
Lynda White
Lynn Mills
Madeleine Hawks
Madeleine Ray
Maggie O. Guggenheimer
Malvika Kuncham
Mandira Banerjee
Mandy Hoy
Marcia Geyer
Marcia Ripley
Margaret and Michael Van Yahres
Margery and Tom Daniel
Margie and John Shepherd
Margot and Aron Shetterly
Maria and Robert Chapel
Maria V. Conti
Marilyn Judith Greene
Marilyn Roselius
Marilynn and Gene Philippi
Marina Ringstrom
Marion L. Morrison
Marjory Ruderman
Mark Green
Marsha R. Musser
Marta Keane
Martin Chapman
Mary and James Holden
Mary Ann Thompson
Mary Anne Kelly
Mary C. Aloia
Mary Catherine Wimer
Mary Coleman
Mary L. Laing and Donald Laing III
Mary Preston
Mary Pudhorodsky
Mary Thomas
Maryann Altman and Barton Parrott
Mary-Jo Toms
Matthew Caesar
Matthew Simon
Mayanna Bean
McCreaa and David Kudravetz
Megan Raymond and Bradley Daigle
Meghan Murray and Steve Bowers
Meghana Keshavan
Melanie Brede
Melissa Giacherio
Melissa Meece
Melvin Burruss
Meredith and Brad Gunter
Michael B. Fraser
Michael Pillow
Mike Davis
Miller M. Susen
Miranda Pax
Miriam Picus
Miss Emmetri Monica Beane
Misty L. Vredenburg
Molly Shadel
Nan Halperin
Nan Rothwell
Nancy and Fred Damon
Nancy and John Lowry
Nancy and Peter Brooks
Nancy Hiles Johnson
Nancy Hurrelbrinck
Nancy O'Brien
Nancy Shaver
Nancy Simpson-Banker
Nancy Weiss
Nanette and Jonno Alcaro
Nathalie Tablan
Nathan Moore
Nathaniel Luther Galea
Naticia Lavezzo
Ned Slaughter
Neil Means
Network For Good
Network For Good
Nicholas P Smith
Nick Rubin
Nicole LaRocque
Nina Zinsser Booth
Noelle Dwyer
Nura Yingling
Oliver L. Brooks
Oliver Platts-Mills
Olivia Branch
Owen Clark
Page and George Gilliam
Pam and Mark Riley
Pam Roland Lengel
Pamela Friedman
Pan and Lucius Bracey
Parthenia Monagan
Pat and Madison Cummings
Patrice and Rod Grimes
Patricia Cochran
Patricia Leavitt
Patricia Millman
Patrick Lane
Paul and Amy Halliday
Paul Boggs
Paul Freedman
Paul Howard, Jr.
Paul McDonald
Paul McKee
Paul Sterling Martin
Paula Deane
Paula Rowan-Page
Paula Stone
Penny Keiter
Peppy Linden
Peter Arnold
Peter Bartlett
Peter Dennison
Peter Thompson
Phil Varner
Philip Harway
Philip Stafford
P.J. Harris
Pres Nowlin
Pumpkin Seed Fund
Rachael McGowen
Randall Switz
Raymond Battani
Rebecca and Jim Barns
Rebecca and John Haydock
Rebecca Cobbs
Rich Gregory
Richard Frayer
Richard M. Tremblay
Richard Minturn
Robert Brickhouse
Robert Guterma
Robert R. Tupelo-Schneck
Robert Thompson
Robert Troxell
Robin Hoffman
Robin Judice
Roger O. Schickedantz
Roland H. Simon
Rosamond Casey
Rosanna Bencoach
Russell Perry
Ruth Chiari
Ruth Douglas
Ryan Tanner
Sally Cary Booker
Sally Hudson
Sandra and Burnet Davis
Sandy L. Bryant
Sara and Charles Dassance
Sarad Davenport
Sarah and Brian McEwen
Sarah and Lee Nunn
Sarah Derr
Sarah E. Bedford
Sarah Gaines
Sarah Gorman
Sarah Handley
Sarah Herbert
Sarah McLean
Sarah Ozturk
Sarah Peaslee
Selena Cozart
Shannon and Michael Valentine
Shari Drubin
Sharon Beckman-Brindley and Hal Brindley
Sharon C. Harris
Sharon Davis
Shawn Lyons
Sheila and Lloyd Haughey
Shelah Scott
Sherry Kraft
Silvia Park
Simona Holloway
Skip Irby
Stacey Evans
Stacy M. Miller
Stephanie Lowenhaupt
Stephen Bach
Stephen Pennock
Steve Haske
Steven Alan Harris
Steven N. Goldstein
Steven Reiss
Struthers H. Gignoux
Summer and Matt Gruber
Sunshine Mathon
Surelle Dwoskin
Susan and L.F. Payne
Susan B. Lorenzo
Susan Brickman
Susan Bro
Susan D. Roberts
Susan D. Smith
Susan Kaufman
Susan Mark
Susan McKinnon
Susan Pickett
Susan Quinn
Susan Riddle
Susan S. ODonnell
Susan Smith Gainer
Susan Stein and Kenneth Abraham
Suzanne and Gary Henry
Suzanne Schaeffer
Suzanne Simmons
Suzanne Yeaman
Tamara Alexander Ryan
Tammy Wilt
Tapley Floyd Irby, Jr.
Tara McLaughlin
The Chasen Family Fund
The Cutherbertson Foundation
The Haven
Therese Elron
Thomas Guterbock
Thomas Kovach
Thomas Safranek
Thomas Steffes
Tim Gould
Tim McDaniels
Tim Wallace
Timothy Palmer Curl
TisBest Philanthropy
Toan Nguyen
Todd Dell
Toko Duvall
Toni Zavana
Tony Field
Tori and James P. Macmillan
Tracey Collins
Valerie and Don Long
Victoria Jane Sperry
Virginia and David Ruth
Virginia and Rick Zeller
Virginia Ritchie
Vivienne and Rob Spauls
Walter Mehring
Walton Morris
Warren Boeschenstein
Wendie Price
Wendy Roberman and Ted Milich
William B. Moore
William Bennett
William Calvin Tor
William Harvey
William Jobes
William Kehoe
William S. Gray
Willow Gale
Yalcin Ozbey
Yitna Firdyiwek
Zachary Brackett
Zeke Crater
Anonymous (74)